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Donkers Motorsport Performance

Starting Donkers Motorsport Performance was the logical next step for founder Sander Donkers, having worked the past decade in the worldwide arena of professional motorsport. DMP can help you with many needs within the motorsports arena.
Experienced in numerous fields, having worked as a mechanic, suspension engineer, electronics and chassis design engineer in MotoGP, WSB, BSB, and AMA  racing.
DMP was set up to be able to serve a wide variety of engineering support in Motorsports, both in Car and Motorcycle racing. We can provide your team with a variety of services, both on and off track.


Name: Sander Donkers
Phone: +31 6 125 965 78
Email: sander [AT] logo


Optimal Return from Data Acquisition

• Use DMP for Track Support and Maximize Performance of Data Acquisition and Engine Control Systems.
• Offers outstanding interaction with rider/driver, analyzing problems, providing feedback through data visualization. Tuning of electronic rider-aids and chassis set-up.
• Utilize mix of Rider feedback and Data to find optimum Chassis setting.

Electronics Development and Tuning

• Design and calibration of new Data Acquisition and Engine Control Systems, Fuelmapping, Ignition and Drive-By-Wire Mapping.
• Development, Calibration, Dyno and Track Tuning of Advanced Rider Aids such as Traction Control, Engine Braking strategies, Predictive Torque Management.

Rider and Team Support

• Rider support and thorough understanding of motorcycle dynamics and riding techniques.
• Race strategies and Tire management. Managing technicians and organize team structure.

Suspension Tuning and Development

• Motorcycle suspension development and tuning.
• Offers expertise in Vehicle Dynamics, Suspension and chassis design.


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• ECU and Data Acquisition packages: Marelli, MoTeC, 2D, Pectel, HRC Cobra, AIM
• Engine Calibration using Dynojet and Superflow Chassis and Engine Dynamometers.
• Design and testing of Suspension Components using dynamometers; MTS, Roehrig
• Motorcycle Chassis Simulation : Foale Motorcycle Kinematics, MotoSpec, Suspact.
• CAD/CAE: Solidworks, AutoCAD/Pro-engineer/Ideas
• Microsoft Office, specialized in Excel analysis
• Preparation of motorcycles and (race)cars, fabrication, welding, machining, prototyping
• Avid racer, preparation of own motorcycles equipped with full data and ECU control
• Fluent in Dutch and English, intermediate in German and Italian

• MSc Motorsport Engineering&Management at Cranfield University
• BSc Automotive Engineering at Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen


Name: Sander Donkers
Phone: +31 6 125 965 78
Email: sander [AT]